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11/08/2014 18:47

Lingarövägen 128 – Hudiksvall – Sweden

Dear guest. Wellcome to our cabin at Gäddviken in Hudiiksvall.We really hope that you enjoy youre stay here. Heres som information about the cabin and the sorundings.


  • Theres is allways some bags of firelogs in the white small storage outside. You can by youre own wood, or by them from us for 100 SEK per bag. Just leave the money accourding to how many bags, in the envelope when you leave. If you use all of the bags, you need to buy the rest in Hudiksvall. We recomend Byggmax in Hudiksvall wich have the best value for money.



  • Theres one small kitchen radio that you can use wherever you like. These also an tower radio witch you can move around as you like. Offcourse alsp outside.The tower radio can be used with the black 3.5mm cabel connected right to youre phone or Mp3 player, by Bluetooth (namned «speaker») or if you have an Iphone you can dock it on top of the radio. Please dont leave the stereos out in the rain.



  • Theres 3 TV sets at the cabin. One in the second floor. This has a lot of German channels, but no Swedish. The german channels are at high numbers, som be patient and brows through the channels, and you will find it. This TV also have a Playstation 3 witch can play games, DVDs or Blueray discs. It also contains Netflix prepayed, but bevare that this demands that you have payed for Internet (500 SEK / 10 GB) and you will quite fast use up those 10GB with Netflix. The next TV is in the livingroom at the first floor. This TV only contains a few swedish channels. The third TV set is at the small cabins first bedroom. This also contains av few swedish channels. Feel free to connect any other mediasource to the TVs of youre desire



  • If you would like to use the internet over WiFi, theres a fee of 500 SEK per 10 gb. Please let us know if you would like to buy this before og during you're stay on an email to or an SMS to 0047 916 24 283 and we will provide you the password. Please also let us know if you need a cabel to connect to you're computer. After the 10 gb are used the internet connection automatically goes down. You kan buy as many 10 gb packages as you like during you're stay.

Outboard Motor Evinrude 4 hp:

  • There is a boat included in the cabin with paddles. If you would like, it is possible to rent a small motor that suits the boat under you're stay. The fee is 1000 SEK for up to a weeks stay. 5 liters of petrol is included in the price. Please let us know before you arrive if this is wanted on an email to or an SMS to 0047 916 24 283.


  • In the summer theres dry climate and the whatertank is limited. It will never run out, but there will be some air in the water. So please don't consume more water than needed.

  • The cabin has its own WC system thats closed and will fill up over time. So please use the small button as often as possible when flushing. If the system is about to get full, there will appear a red light next to "alarm" on the monitor on the orange tube between the cabins. If this happens, please let us know on an email to or an SMS to 0047 916 24 283 and we will order 


  • The water has no sand bottom, besides a small part of the bathstairs. Anywhere else it’s a bit “soggy” bottom. The waterstand is changing quite much. Sometimes it changes som 100 cm to 180 cm deep infront of the bathstairs. When its low, we recommend that you take the bout out about 100 meters and then take a svim from there.



  • Fell free to use the sauna. It has a thermo function, wich means that it can be turned on and heated without letting any heat out. Not using that much power and being climath friendly. When you feel for a sauna, just open the top, open the vent (turnweel on the left) and put on 1-2 dl of water. In about 10 minutes the sauna is ready. Please don’t forget to leave the sauna on over night or when you leave. The display is black when its off. Remember to turn on and of the sauna with the white button down to the right side of the controlpanel.



  • All fuses are automatic in the cabin. The fuseboks is located inn the hall. If, for any strange reason, the mainfuses should brake down, its located on the other side of Lingarövägen. Theres 3 16A fuses that needs to be changed. Theres fuses for this in the fuseboks and in the shelf in the hall.



  • The cabin is equiped with an air to air pump. This can be used as an heater or cooler. Please find the usermanual for this in the cornershelfs among the books.



  • Theres 2 montauinsbikes and one smaller bike with are included in the cabin, som feel free to use them. Theres also one helmet there wich you can use. There also an manual airpump there, if the tires isn’t hard enough. A really good trip is to Malnbaden witch is about 7 km. Theres a large beach, restaurant, camping and a small kiosk. If you want to go there, heres a short description: Go back to Lingarö on Lingarövägen. When you have passed the bridge, theres a white sign that says “Makalösa Lingarö” on youre left hand side. Right after this sign, take the first road on youre left. Go straight through the woods, and keep to the right at all times. Soon you will see the ocean and you have reached Skålbovägen. Continue this road for a few kilomiters and you will arrive at the parking and camping at Malnbaden. The beach at is youre left hand side.



  • Feel feel to use the gass barbeque outside. If there is gass on it, it just to use it. If its empty, we recommend that you refill it at Statiol gas station, Soifa or ICA Maxi. Please clean/scrub the barbeque after use.



  • Theres a lot of fish in Gjäddviken and Östersjön. You will find quite big examples of Pike (up to 10-12 kg), bass and trout. Theres som fishing equipment in the wood storage on the seeling. Feel free to use the lifewests in the same storage. Theres several types for use. In the sofa in the kitchen, theres a couple of seamaps.



  • There a lot of animals in the woods around the cabin. You can see moose, lynx, rådyr, grävling, mink and a lot of beautifyl rare birds.



  • This is not included in the rent. If theres an accident or if you need anything of this, please contact ut and perhaps we can help you.


Kitchen equipment:

  • Theres a lot of equipment in the kitchen in the sofa. Feel free to use anything that you can find.


Payment roundup:

  • When you leave you have to put 600 SEK in en envelope. If you have used som bags of firewood, put 100 SEK per bag in the same envelope. If you have rented the motor, put 1000 SEK in the envelope. If you have ordered 10GB internet, put 500 SEK in the envelope. When all is done, please write what you are paying for on the outside of the envelope. Leave the envelope in on the kitchen bench or give it to Damian (our Genitor).


When you leave:

  • Pleace put everything back on place, take the pillows from outside back in the sauna, put all plates/glasses/etc in the dishwasher and put it on and close all doors and windows when you leave. You also need to pay for the cleaning when leaving. The fee for that is 600 SEK. Please leave this in an envelop av the cabin.


  • If you like, we would be very happy if you would like to leave a message in our cabinbook (blue book called “hyttebok” in the livingroom).